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Waste Less, Save More!

Use Grasshopper Extractors to get the highest yield
without the use of chemicals.

Grasshopper Extractor is on the cutting edge of kief extraction in the industry. Avoiding the use of chemicals and solvents, the Grasshopper Extractor can help you get the most yield from your plant material.

We are innovators in the industry, working with businesses of all sizes to help them solve the issues that kief extraction can create. We’ve heard countless stories of businesses and people who face high waster when processing, as well as issues when handling a high volume of product. These problems can affect all areas of the industry, from those creating waxes and oils to edibles to tinctures and more.

The Grasshopper Extractor was created to use the entire plant, with an emphasis placed on the dry plant material that tends to be wasted in the process. Because the waste problem was reduced, the machine could work faster and more efficiently. This allows smaller outfits to handle larger production volumes, and help them increase the business they are doing.

We’ve helped improve the processes of countless businesses, and now we want to help yours!

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    Two Great Products - How will you Extract?

    Grasshopper Extractor 4.20

    The Grasshopper Extractor 4.20 uses liquid CO2 to flash freeze your plant material instead of crushed dry ice that the Grasshopper Extractor uses. The liquid CO2 freezes the plant material in 30 seconds. It can fully process up to one pound of dry plant material in as little as 5 minutes, generating pure kief with yields up to 25 percent after two runs. The speed with which the plant material is frozen permits you to process up to six pounds of plant material in just one hour!

    The Grasshopper Extractor 4.20 uses a 400 watt ⅓ horsepower motor, allowing you to go further and faster with your investment. It is designed to stand the test of time and there is no substitute in value with this clean green working machine.

    Grasshopper Extractor

    The Grasshopper Extractor revolutionizes the dry ice pollen extraction method by automating the process. The Grasshopper Extractor is an all natural, solvent less, chemical free, high yield machine that produces the finest kief, saving you precious time, while making you money.

    One pound of plant material can be processed at a time when combined with three pounds of crushed dry ice. Allow five minutes for the plant material to freeze and then let the Grasshopper Extractor do the rest. At the end of five minutes of vibration you can expect to produce up to 60 grams, or a little over two ounces, of pure kief. Repeat the process and an additional 36 grams of kief will be produced from the plant material.

    Now that you’ve extracted it, you need to protect it!

    Oxygen in the air, static electricity, vapor transfer, light, humidity and temperature all play a part in determining how long cured plant material will maintain its integrity and quality. The Grasshopper Protector addresses these factors in order to maintain your kief to the highest standards until you are ready to use it.

    Using pillow packs filled with nitrogen and a vacuuming technique, the Grasshopper Protector is able to evacuate 99.5 percent of the air before infusing a barrier bag with 100 percent nitrogen. By modifying the internal atmosphere to pure nitrogen, the growth of aerobic organisms and oxidation is eliminated. This means your kief will be better and last longer!