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Who We Are

Enovators, LLC was created when Stacy Page, our founder and CEO, saw the need for an extraction machine that could provide high grade kief material that could be used for medicinal edibles, wax, oils, tinctures, and other cannabis based products.
He wanted to create a machine that reduced waste and was capable of handling volume, as well as the utilization of the entire plant, specifically dry plant material such as hand trim, bulk trim, machined trim and any other plant waste with little expended effort, yet still providing a high quality product in return.
With these criteria in mind Stacy designed, developed and fabricated the patent pending Grasshopper Extractor, a system that gave the commercial grower an advantage in an increasingly competitive market. Stacy created a total performance machine that reduced waste and increased productivity and profits.
Since that beginning Stacy has created the Grasshopper Extractor 4.20, the Grasshopper Protector and the Locust. He continues to look for ways to help those in the cannabis industry increase their productivity and profits, while maintaining his dedication to a clean and safe environment.